NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: The return of the Cupid Shuffle

For our fourth audition episode of “The Voice” Monday night, we saw plenty of fun with the four coaches; in addition to that, though, we also had some surprisingly good singers. There were song choices we never saw coming, great examples of the “make this song your own” cliche, and also the return of a viral sensation from several years ago.

Melanie Martinez – Let’s start with our favorite blind audition from the whole season. Melanie not only had a cool, quirky voice, but you could tell that she is the sort of musician who really does not just want to make a living covering songs. We understand why she picked Adam Levine, and we think she’ll be around for a while.

Cupid – We don’t usually write about the people who don’t make it through, but this one was just so … strange. The guy can actually sing pretty well, but he completely saddled himself by doing the song that first made him into a viral sensation in the “Cupid Shuffle.”

Brian Scartocci – Since when is being a divorced dad such a rare thing? We feel for what the guy went through, but that’s hardly the sort of “sad story” we usually get on this show. His Stevie Wonder cover was nice, and he, like Melanie, got everyone other than Christina to turn around. However, Adam was his pick.

Beat Frequency – Finally, a decent duo! We were not completely impressed with the male part of this act (mostly because he was stuck with rapping), but the woman in Natasha did a pretty great job handling a next-to-impossible song in Katy Perry’s “E.T.” Christina turned around early, and she was the only one.

Liz Davis – All episode long, we knew that Blake Shelton was going to end up showing off his Male Vocalist of the Year trophy that he brought to the show … and he did it here in order to impress this aspiring country singer. Of course, this worked; how can you say no to this?

JR Aquino – The Alaska native is one of the biggest acts on YouTube, and he came on here with the sort of fan following that everyone would want. Personally, we love the choice that he made with his coach here. Rather than picking the coach who pandered to him, he chose Cee Lo Green since he gave the best constructive criticism.

Nicholas David – He’s a good singer, but someone needs to tell this guy to not go with a lounge arrangement for the rest of his music. Cee Lo at least liked it, and he started a brief little winning streak with this choice.

Alessadra Guercio – Considering that she is from one of the top performing arts high schools in the country, she would probably be in trouble if she didn’t make it on this show. She did, though, so congrats! The 17-year old is now a member of Team Adam.

Avery Wilson – It’s crazy that this guy started out as a dancer rather than a singer, since he does have some of the most talent out of anyone on the show this season. One piece of constructive criticism? Ease up on the vibrato, and you could win this competition. Cee Lo made a wonderful argument, and he was the perfect choice.

Who was your favorite audition from this week’s auditions? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out some more news when it comes to who the coaches are going to be for the show’s fourth season, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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