‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Another Dan / Danielle back-and-forth

How dull of a day has it been in the “Big Brother 14” house thus far? Let’s just say that the squeaking Ian’s hammock is starting to become one of the most pleasant noises we are hearing. Most of the actions thus far has been largely built up of small talk, sleeping, sunbathing, or Dan and Danielle arguing back and forth about one thing or another.

The latest argument revolved largely around a singular subject: whether or not Dan picked her to be on his team based on the fact that she would be easy to control. Dan sort-of denied it, but he also could have tried a lot harder to make his case. Danielle ranted for a while about being lied to, Dan consoled her, and at one point also gave her some of the best advice ever and warned her to stay away from the internet as soon as she gets home. (Somehow, we don’t think that she is going to be able to do that.)

While Ian has been pretty quiet when he comes to strategy, we did learn that Danielle did get yelled at by producers in the Diary Room over making some violent comments about the kid. We don’t see her getting thrown out of the game just days before the finale over a rule violation; however, we also don’t really expect her to start pushing her luck so close to the end. (What we really don’t understand is why she hates the guy so much to begin with just for him being agnostic.)

Do you think Dan picked Danielle because she would be easy for him to control? If you want to check out the latest show debate when it comes to future All-Star contenders, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: ABC

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