‘Glee’ music preview: Hear Melissa Benoist’s Marley own ‘Everytime’

We wrote back in our review of the “Glee” premiere last week that Melissa Benoist’s new character of Marley is almost immediately one of the most interesting people on the entire show … and on Thursday night’s “Britney 2.0” episode, she is going to get a chance to spread her wings with what may be the most emotional song ever performed by Britney Spears in “Everytime.”

In the video below, you can hear Marley completely and totally slay this sing. It’s almost even more painful of an experience now than when it came out months ago, if for no other reason than that we already have more of idea as to just how hard of a life this character has had. It’s a pain that translates well from Spears’ difficulty finding peace within fame to Marley trying to find a new place with a group of people who are not always what they seem. (Just see how they treated her mom last week for evidence of that.)

Is there some good news here? We at least know that Thursday is going to mark the beginning of Marley’s “romance” with Jake (Jacob Artist), but at the same time we are already starting to worry that this is not going to be something that comes easy for her, either. Jake is not exactly a character who is just going to give in to love without reservations, and he is already having a hard enough of a time dealing with the fact that he is constantly going to face comparisons to his brother Puck pretty much everywhere he turns in New Directions.

Do you love this performance as much as we do? If you want to check out another preview from the Spears preview, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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