‘Big Brother 14’ debate: Who should make it on next ‘All-Stars’ season?

Before we get any further here, we want to start things off by differentiating this article from another recent “Big Brother 14” piece we did listing off the possible contenders from this season to be on another installment. What we are trying to do here instead is list the top candidates if season 15 is to be an installment containing all returning players.

First things first, we’ll start this off with one simple rule: with one notable exception, we don’t want any third-time players. We’ve already seen what they can do twice, and as Janelle and Mike “Boogie” proved this time, there’s really nowhere to go but down at that point. We’re also not limiting ourselves to just season onward, as there were some good players from early seasons that deserve another look.

Our final piece of criteria here? We’re not really taking into account whether or not these people would actually do it. We can’t read minds, so these are just the 14 people (the perfect number for a season in our mind) that we would want to see.

Eddie (season 1) – We know that Eddie doesn’t really have any interest in doing the show again, but it would be a nice reminder that there was someone other than Chicken George on this season … and that Chicken George is among the most-overrated people in the show’s history.

Lisa (season 3) – She didn’t really deserve to beat Danielle so many years ago, and wouldn’t have in our mind had the jury been put into sequester. Let’s see her put her money where her mouth is.

Jun (season 4) – Jun’s easily the most underrated winner out there. She’s also a bit of a world-traveler and her coming back would be next to impossible. We can dream, though, right?

Jen (season 8) – There is history there between her and Dick, and really we just want to see them both back here for the laughs.

Keesha (season 10) – American proved to really like her during season 10, and it would be another reminder that there were some great characters on this season other than just Dan.

Renny (season 10) – See above. Plus Renny and Shelly in the same house would be epic.

Russell (season 11) – We’re still surprised that Russell has not made it back onto another season. He was a physical beast, an imposing character, and Jordan chest-bumped him in a fight. Just imagine who he could start screaming at now that Big Jeff is not in the house.

Natalie (season 11) – Danielle from this season is the only person we can imagine who is disliked on the same level as Natalie was. Not only was she delusional, but she had no sense of humor about anything at all within the context of the game.

Evel Dick (season 8 / 13) – This is the exception to our aforementioned rule. A family emergency forced the guy out before he really had a chance to play in season 13, so on that basis he deserves another shot at this.

Matt (season 12) – One of the greatest strategists ever to be doomed by just one stupid move. If he had turned on the Brigade rather than getting rid of Kathy with the Diamond Power of Veto, he could have won the whole season. Instead, he just got egg on his face.

Dominic (season 13) – We know he did’t even make the jury in his season, but neither did Jase in season 5 and he still was cast on “All-Stars.” Dominic really was a fun guy to watch, and he was legitimately trying to play the game more than Posche, Adam, or some of the other sheep.

Shelley (season 13) – Let’s start by saying this: we absolutely couldn’t stand Shelly for most of her season. However, we still have to say that what she did was pretty brilliant in playing both sides as long as she did. Had it not been for an incredibly ridiculous twist with Pandora’s Box, she would have least punched a ticket into the final five, and may have made it to the end.

Frank (season 14) – Frank is pretty much the male Janelle: a physical beast of a player who is overconfident and at times as a terrible social game. However, the dude was just so darn entertaining to watch from beginning to end and he brings another strong guy to the house to compete against Dominic and Russell.

Ian (season 14) – Ian, Matt, and Jun could form the brainiest alliance ever! Like Frank, he is a lock to be on another season so long as they have another “All-Stars.”

Who from the past would you want to see play “Big Brother” again? We want to hear your thoughts below! To check out some more updates from the live feed, be sure to follow the link here.

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