‘Big Brother 14’ review: Dan Gheesling’s last-second spin

By and large, Sunday night’s new episode of “Big Brother 14” was more or less a recap special featuring some “unseen moments” in the game. However, there was one key moment that we did not get a chance to hear during the live show Thursday that was revealed, and could have massive implications on the jury phase of the game depending on whether Shane Meaney was willing to hear what Dan Gheesling was telling him.

Just as Shane was heading out the door, Dan whispered to him that he was not the only person in the game playing him … and if he wanted to find out more about this very thing, all he would have to do was talk to Jenn. Do we think that this will work? Probably not, and at this point, what Dan really has to consider above all else is potentially going to the end with Ian, and allow him to get blood on his hands over the eviction of Danielle. If Danielle really does “poison the jury” (which is what she is threatening to do), this could end up helping him in a big way.

As for some of the other highlights from the episode, we’re going to share these in just a series of short highlights:

-Finally, Teddy B (formerly known as Ted, but changed not to anger Seth MacFarlane) got some air time! Sadly, it was in the middle of Britney throwing Frank’s stuff all over the place.

-Ian still trying to claim that he is “busy,” and that is the reason why he does not go on many dates. Sure, Ian, sure.

-Dan’s funeral is still a terrible thing to do, but incredibly awesome to watch.

-Boogie’s subtle skewering of the Bible to Dan was classic, even if it didn’t really get him anywhere at all.

-On a separate note, we did Willie get so much air time over getting expelled while Janelle’s blindside was completely and totally ignored? We don’t really agree with some of the “best moments of the season” as labeled by the producers.

We don’t get what the point was in ending the episode on a cliffhanger, mostly because anyone with the live feeds knows already that Dan won the first part of the final Head of Household Competition. Why just not show all of it?

What was your favorite moment from this episode? If you want to check out the latest meltdown when it came to Danielle in the house on Sunday, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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