‘The Vampire Diaries’ vs. ‘The Secret Circle’ — the crossover confusion

The original series.

Starting on September 15, “The Vampire Diaries” is going to get some supernatural company on The CW via “The Secret Circle” — the newest show courtesy of executive producer Kevin Williamson. While the show’s witchcraft-based premise is indeed one of the reasons why it is so excited, you have to already wonder at this point if Williamson is tiring of talking about one subject — whether or not the two shows actually happen in the same universe.

During a number of interviews in the past, Williamson has been adamant with his claims that these vampires and witches are in different worlds and cannot cross over into a single episode — but speaking in a recent interview, he seems to at least be a tiny bit more open to the possibility:

“Listen, if there’s a way that we could set up two sets of witches and let them merge, then maybe there’s a crossover episode in store. But if you go back to Episode 17 of the second season [of Vampire Diaries], where Elijah explained how the witches placed a curse on the original family… there are no vampires or werewolves in The Secret Circle. There are other things, but not werewolves and vampires. So the minute you bring a vampire or werewolf into the witch world… then I feel like I’m watching The Vampire Diaries.”

With a show like “Secret Circle,” there is really one other question you can ask — will this bring in enough of an audience on Thursday nights? It is going to have a tough time trying to bring in viewers who are not “TVD” fans, so in a way the audience is limited (even if we are talking about the network’s highest-rated show).

Do you think that “The Secret Circle” really should be allowed to breathe more on its own?

Photo: The CW

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