‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: Kalia and the facepalm


If you ever want to watch someone potentially make a game-changing mistake, then all you have to do is watch and see what is going on right now with Kalia in the “Big Brother” house.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

On Sunday night, our resident Head of Household made what she considers to be a “bold movie” — deciding to put Lawon up on the block, thinking that he will just come back into the game right away and help to eradicate the house then of Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan. However, what this group does not seem to realize is that this is not exactly going to be so easy. Why would anyone want to leave the fate of a key ally in the producers’ hands? As Daniele has tried to point out, Kalia is a bit crazy to think that Rachel is not going to be gunning for her along with Jeff and Jordan for putting her up for eviction, even if she does “spare” her during a week that she would really just come back anyway.

At the end of the day, Kalia’s stint in power is reminding us of why the veterans dominated the early portion of this game to such an extent — they are the only ones willing to make bold moves and consequently keep themselves safe. Meanwhile, Kalia is now trusting the powers that be — and instead, Lawon’s likely to lose to Dominic or Cassi when one of them gets voted in by America to compete in a challenge.

Do you think getting rid of Lawon will be the biggest mistake of Kalia’s game?

Photo: CBS

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