‘Big Brother 14’ debate: A look at the jury

Based on what is going on in the “Big Brother 14” house at the moment (namely, absolutely nothing), it does look as though we are in for a pretty slow week. At this point, we’re almost more keen to look at the six people who are currently spending some time together in the jury house: Ashley, Britney, Frank, Joe, Jenn, and Shane.

So how are these people really going to end up voting? Let’s try to figure this out based on the three houseguests who are left.

Ashley – Even though Ian is responsible for getting her out, Ashley’s not really upset at him, and he will definitely have her vote if he makes it to the end. Otherwise, we think she’d lean towards Dan given that she and Danielle did not have that much of a relationship.

Britney – This one should be interesting. Britney did vote for Lane in season 12, so she did prove with that she cared a great deal about friendships more than who plays the best game. However, she would still probably recognize Dan over Danielle … but Ian was her little brother and has her vote for sure if he gets there.

Frank – Introducing the bitter Betty of the group. Danielle is probably the most likely of the group to get his vote given that she angered him the least, followed then by Ian and Dan (who is Frank’s version of the black plague) last.

Joe – Joe wanted Dan out of the game, but we have a feeling he’s not going to be a bitter player at all. We think Dan would be his first choice here, followed by Ian and then Danielle.

Jenn – Another bitter player, but probably not as bitter as Frank. We think that Danielle would probably be her first choice, but she could be persuaded by Dan. However, she looks at Ian more or less like Judas (Jerry would be proud), so he’s probably least likely to get her vote.

Shane – We all know that Shane will vote for Danielle in a heartbeat … and he would never vote for Dan in a million years.

So going into the finale Wednesday, it’s pretty clear to us that Ian has the best shot at winning at least when it comes to jury votes. Jenn and Frank are going to be his toughest gets, but he may get them even as the lesser of two evils; meanwhile, he has the votes of Ashley and Britney locked in for sure. Danielle would get clobbered by Ian in the end, but going up against Dan (who won’t have Frank or Shane for sure) should give her a good chance.

How do you size up the jury at this point? If you want to check out some more scoop from the second part of the Head of Household Competition, you can do so at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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