‘Weeds’ series finale preview: It’s time

It has definitely been a long wait, but after eight long seasons and plenty of cliffhangers, “Weeds” is finally going to be ending its run on Showtime with some fireworks, some surprises, and hopefully plenty of homages to the years that have gone by.

First and foremost, there seems to be one question that we must address in the same way as the promo below does: has Nancy Botwin really learned anything about herself through all this? It’s starting to look more and more like she is going to end this series where was during most of it right in the thick of the pot trade, which is not always a very safe place to be. However, there is also the issue of her romantic life here that needs to be resolved. After being involved in the most awkward love-making of all time just feet from where her husband died, Nancy has to now figure out where things stand with Andy, or if she is going to go back with the rabbi.

As for some of the other characters, maybe we’ll finally figure out what Doug’s purpose has been with starting up this charity over the past few episodes; or, maybe it is possible that Shane’s new role in the force will prove itself to be an asset to his new family business. Silas also has some romance questions of his own, but we’re not even sure that is as much of a priority for him as it is being in a place where he can start doing what he loves again (in growing).

What do you want to see happen during Sunday night’s series finale?┬áIf you want to read some more news on the path leading up to this finale, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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