‘So You Think You Can Dance’ finale: Will Cyrus Spencer, Tiffany Maher win?

With the “So You Think You Can Dance” season finale airing on Tuesday night, there is almost no need anymore to really rank what are two contestants among the guys, and two contestants among the girls. While we are glad that each gender is going to have their own champion, at the same time this does rob the show of a little bit of its suspense. After all, it’s going to be hard to be shocked when really ends up winning this season based on their body of work.

So who are the most likely candidates? There really is quite a bit to consider here, whether it be performance quality, fan base, or momentum on the show.

Out of the guys, it’s really going to be a battle between dance enthusiasts and casual fans. The former group is easily going to get behind Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, a man who Nigel Lythgoe himself claims that he is voting for in part due to the level of intense dedication that he shows to his craft. He has been working for this all his life, and is really at a farther stage than Cyrus Spencer is. However, Cyrus is the people’s champion and the underdog, and this will probably propel him to a win. Even though he may not be the best dancer now, you have to believe that this show will cause him to go back and study some of these other styles even more; and if he does get to come back on a future season, he will do so and be better than ever.

As for the ladies, it’s a little bit of a closer competition at this point, but you have to really think here in terms of momentum. We are starting to worry that Eliana Girard peaked a little early in this season; she has been fantastic every week, but she’s almost been so fantastic that we have a feeling people may forget to vote for her at all. With that in mind, we are instead leaning towards thinking Tiffany Maher will take this home after showing more enthusiasm and energy on the stage than we have seen from just about anyone since the man she performed with earlier this season in Benji Schwimmer.

Who do you think will, and should, end up winning the season? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below! If you want to go back and read our full review from Wednesday night’s episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox


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