‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Pondering away

We are now just mere days from the end of “Big Brother 14,” and many of the same questions we had a day ago are not any clearly. Who is going to make it to the final two? It’s still unclear, but in the wake of a crazy (and fake) meltdown out of Danielle, Ian believes his chances have improved a little bit.

Thanks to the fact that Ian won the second part of the final Head of Household Competition, he now realizes that really, the only way he can lose this season is if Dan wins the final challenge and opts to take Danielle instead (which, in reality, seems to be his plan). While Danielle actually has a good chance to win with votes from Frank, Shane, Ashley, and potentially Jenn, Ian in his mind would be something close to a clean sweep. The kids is likable, doesn’t have much blood on his hands, and has proven that he can win competitions when he needs to.

While in some ways a Dan / Danielle final two is the most interesting in terms of the jury votes, and Ian vs. Dan showdown in the live competition Wednesday is the most intriguing when it comes to a showdown. Despite faking her meltdown, Danielle closed out Saturday shedding some real tears over some fears that Dan tricked her into acting out so that Ian would be less likely to heed to her hollow threats and take her. After all, how is Danielle going to “poison a jury” when she would only be a part of it for about two minutes? Ian’s a diehard fan, and he knows that the final juror is barely on the jury at all.

Do you think Danielle hurt her game significantly by throwing her fit, and what do you think that Ian’s chances actually are now of winning?┬áIf you want to read up even more on the final part of the HoH competition, you can do so by heading over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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