‘Saturday Night Live’ review: ‘Gangnam Style,’ ‘Honey Boo Boo’ rule premiere

Expectations were high for “Saturday Night Live” during the season premiere; we had a number of cast members gone (Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Abby Elliot), some new people on board (Tim Robinson, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong), and a popular host in Seth MacFarlane who was best known for his work on “Family Guy.”

Maybe it was that feeling when something is better when you miss it for a while, but we actually found most of this episode to be laugh-out-loud funny. There were some great new sketches, a stellar musical performance, and MacFarlane was used perfectly throughout while not overdoing it and allowing the other stars to shine.

The good

Seth’s monologue – It’s good that the “Family Guy” jokes were put out of their misery early, but it was pretty amazing in how he was able to switch from one voice to the next pretty effectively.

The celebrity spoofs – After seeing Bill Hader do a pretty hilarious take on Clint Eastwood and his chair earlier in the show, “Weekend Update” brought on a pretty hysterical “Honey Boo Boo” parody (highlighted by Bobby Moynihan’s Mama June) and a crazy and possibly drunk Ryan Lochte (MacFarlane) talking about fall TV.

Surprises – Who’s ready for some “Gangnam Style” humor? The surprise appearance of Psy helped to make up for what was otherwise a pretty silly spoof.

Frank Ocean – How stunning is Ocean’s voice? In the midst of all of the craziness that we saw on the show this week, his voice cut through everything like a knife, in particular when he performed his stellar anthem “Thinking About You” early in the show.

The new Obama – Why wasn’t Jay Pharoah impersonating the President all along?

Steve Harvey – At first, we didn’t like this later sketch; but then, Kenan Thompson’s version of the talk-show host “made over” a guy by basically making him look like himself. We don’t know why, but we found this hysterical.

The bad

The therapist – The only sketch in the first half of the show that really didn’t go anywhere. The jokes were all predictable, and it was a bit “stereotypical New Yorker.”

The Latino voter segment – This was the worst part of “Weekend Update.” It not only didn’t go anywhere, it was also stereotypical, and we saw the final punch line coming a mile away.

We need more of the newbies – Save for a few early sketches, we really didn’t get many opportunities to see the likes of Bryant and Robinson in any substantial manner.

Overall, we have probably seen better “Saturday Night Live” episodes … but this one was still very entertaining, and we have seen far worse. Heck, if the show keeps this level of quality all season long, we’ll be smiling and writing happy reviews for months.

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