‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: A memoriam

The wait is long for new “Pretty Little Liars” episodes, especially if we are talking about the ones that are not set to air until next year. However, doesn’t getting a few details to speculate over while we wait make the wait a little bit nicer. It’s possible, though you could also say that it makes it even more excruciating.

Regardless of how you feel here, it is pretty much impossible to not post the photo to the left based on what sort of glorious hints that it may contain. Thte image was posted by series writer Lijah Barasz, and the following caption was attached for good measure:

“Shay [Mitchell] and Drew [Van Acker] on the set of #PLL Ep. 318″

If we were just to talk about the obvious here when it comes to this picture, the names written on the wall behind Emily and Jason have to mean something. Are Jason and Emily attending someone’s funeral? It’s possible, since our best guess for the names is that they are present at some sort of monastery (which also makes sense given the signs of the blocks behind them). This show has been well-known for killing off characters without really a second thought, and we could be seeing the end result of something very much of this nature here. However, it’s possible that this could either be some sort of other memorial, or a red herring just to keep us guessing for a while longer.

No matter what the answer here, we have to give Barasz and the other writers some credit here: thanks to the stellar cliffhanger concerning Toby as a member of the A-Team, we are speculating more now than we ever were before.

What do you think about this image? If you want to see the latest chapter of the “Pretty Dirty Secrets” web series, you can do so by visiting the story over at this link.

Photo: ABC Family

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