‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: Who’s ready for some aliens?

There’s something thoroughly entertaining to us about when murder mystery shows manage to put something completely ridiculous (and unexpected) on our TV sets, and we are pleased to report that this is going to very much be happening on the fifth episode of “Bones” this coming season.

So what is specifically going to happen? We’ll let these comments from star Tamara Taylor (per Entertainment Weekly) serve as the set-up you need:

“In episode 5, a body washes up on shore in what appears to be a spacepod … We don’t know why or how.”

Yes, that’s right: it’s the traditional whodunit episode where aliens are a suspect! You know in reality that this was someone trying to just throw investigators off the scent by throwing something completely absurd at them, but you also have to imagine that this is going to lead to Booth and Brennan speaking to at least one person that is a spaceship / alien expert. Bonus points if one of them actually heads to Roswell in order to do so, or if there is at least one reference to either “E.T.” or “Star Wars.”

If this sort of episode was being used as a watershed moment for the entire series, we’d be pretty upset; however, it’s really just going to serve as a nice bit of fun to contrast all of the serious stuff that has been going on here as of late. Take for instance the season premiere, which will focus primarily on Booth and Brennan reuniting in an emotional manner after spending so many difficult months apart.

What do you think about Booth and Brennan potentially getting in touch with their inner geek (or, in some cases, their inner inner geek) for this episode? If you want to see more scoop on if an engagement is in the cards soon for these two sooner rather than later, all you have to do is visit the link here.

Photo: Fox

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