‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10 spoilers: Miley Cyrus’ arc could be extended

Are you excited to see Miley Cyrus return to sitcom TV for the first time since “Hannah Montana”? She is set to appear on CBS’ titan “Two and a Half Men” this fall as Missi, a new potential love interest for Jake Harper (Angus T. Jones) who will help to transition him from the “cute kid” that he was known as for many years to an adult, who is now a part of the U.S. Army.

So what does one of the show’s executive producers have to say about this gig? Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Jim Patterson claims that not only is Cyrus in many ways a gift to the show, but they are open to keeping her around for a longer period of time if everything works out correctly:

“We were so excited to get Miley. If it works out, it’s going to be great. She’s on for two episodes right now and if things turn out well and she has fun, we’d love to have her back… We think it’s going to be a great dynamic. She’ll play a romantic interest for Jake [played by Angus T. Jones] and he’s never really had that. This is going to be his first real relationship kind of thing. He’s no longer the half man on the show. He’s… in the Army, gonna have a girlfriend, experience love and heartbreak and all that kind of stuff.”

Patterson also explains that there are no plans to just use the Army as a temporary diversion for the character. He will appear in the first few episodes strictly via Skype, but will show up in person from time to time on the show when he is on leave. Let’s hope that Jake actually ends up seeing it through, mostly because it is the sitcom convention to have him try something like this for a few weeks only for it to not pan out.

Do you think that Miley is going to do great things for this show? If you want to find out even more about this gig for Miley, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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