‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Power outages and final two talk

There was something rather interesting about what went down in the “Big Brother 14” house Friday night, mostly in that we are not entire sure what exactly was going on. There were problems with the power, the cameras were going crazy, and for a few minutes we were starting to think that maybe Allison Grodner decided to just shut the show down and let Dan win already.

Before this, though, we had an interesting discussion that happened between Ian and Danielle. We are sure that Danielle really is upset over what happened with Shane during the live eviction show … but is she really so upset that she would evict the guy with a smile on her face? This is what she told Ian, but we’re not sure we buy it since he is in many ways responsible for her being in the final three to begin with.

Basically, Danielle is really trying to just cover her bases in the event that Ian wins the final Head of Household Competition. She also hilariously thinks that she has carried Dan to the point in the competition where he is at now. Will Ian really take her to the end, though? Probably not. He knows that most of the jury is angry at Dan, and he has a much better chance at winning than someone who for sure would have Dan and Shane’s votes if they were both on the jury.

Basically, we have a feeling that the power outage is going to be over soon, and outside of comedy there is probably no reason that this has happened (at least unless it’s some sort of memory game for a future challenge).

Do you think that there is any way that Ian takes Danielle to the end? If you want to check out more news concerning the possibility that Dan keeps Ian inn this game rather than Danielle if given the opportunity, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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