‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: More on Mike and Tina’s breakup

If you watched the season premiere of “Glee” Thursday night, then you already know the bad news: Mike and Tina are no more as a couple. Outside of the fact that they are no longer together, there is still one other sad thing worth noting here: at this very moment, we do not even know for sure the reason why the couple broke up.

So what is it? Let’s just say that we may know a little bit more come episode 5. Speaking to TVLine, Harry Shum Jr. explains that there is still some backstory to be told when it comes to these two, and not everything may play out exactly as you would imagine it to:

“You’ll get a little more explanation on how that ended … It’s always difficult when you have a long distance relationship … Mike’s always been a straight-A student, so he is doing really well [at college], and I think that’s what’s difficult for them. Tina doesn’t know how to really figure that out.”

One of the other things that has been interesting to watch, and will be interesting moving forward, is the sudden evolution of Tina as a character. After being told by Rachel last year that she was going to be the star of New Directions, her post-Nationals ego started to balloon out of control. She had an assistant follow her around during the season premiere, and we’re pretty sure she is going to start clamoring for new solos left and right from here on out. As for her love life, we just want to see if she heads back in the direction of Artie at some point, or finds comfort with someone new.

Who do you want to see Tina together with at the end of the day: Mike, or Artie? If you have not seen the latest rumors when it comes to Dianna Agron’s future on the show just yet, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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