‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Will the Deb story take over the season?

Do you want more on the seventh season of “Dexter”? After drifting away to focus on some other hot topics pertaining to the show as of late, we are returning with a subject matter that should feel familiar to just about anyone who watches and loves the show: the sibling relationship.

So how much more of Dexter and Deb are we going to see play out on the rest of the season? Let’s just say that their story is not going to be something that ever falls into the background while here is another case to be worked on. Speaking to TV Fanatic, executive producer Scott Buck teases that what we saw at the very end of season 6 will continue throughout the new year, but that we cannot expect it to constantly revolve around Dexter getting caught plunging a knife into Travis Marshall:

“It’s a huge story for the season that will carry us all the way throughout this season … It’s not just the same story, it continues to change and take turns and twists because it’s not exactly going to go the way everyone would think it’s going to go. It’s a very complex issue.”

We know that everyone is curious to see if Deb is eventually going to turn her brother in, and we are fascinated by this along with some other key questions, such as if Dex will reveal killing Rudy, Miguel Prado, Trinity, Jordan Chase, or any of the other killers that Miami Metro has gone after over the years. After all, she’s a smart woman, and she has to put two and two together here eventually considering that here are a suspiciously high amount of unsolved or mysterious cases conducted by the department over the years.

What’s your prediction for how this relationship will evolve? If you want to check out the latest edition of the “Early Cuts” webseries, you can do so by heading over to the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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