‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: Barney explains it all

How is Barney going to handle revealing the truth about his past with Robin to his new fiancee? Let’s just say that he is going to do his best to get it all out of the way as quickly as humanly possible.

As we saw in the recently-released promo for the episode airing on September 24, Lily is going to have dropped the bomb to Quinn about the pair’s romantic past on accident, and this causes our resident lover of stormtroopers and laser tag to think quickly (and speak quickly) to rectify the situation. In a new video from Entertainment Weekly, we basically learn within the span of a minute the entire story of how the gang met Robin, and how over time she ended up dating Ted, breaking up with Ted, hooking up with Barney, dating Barney, breaking up with Barney, and then everything else in between. Just for good pleasure, Barney also brings up that Ted “got a tramp stamp” at one point, and that he once won a dune buggy on “The Price Is Right” (both glorious nods to the show’s past).

So how is Quinn going to respond to all of this? That much is what we are not as clear about, at least outside of the fact that she is going to be able to stick around long enough to at least have a fight with Barney later on about a prenuptial agreement. He and Barney are going to get back together eventually, so it is possible that telling this whole story, even in a short span of time, helps to reignite a fire that he once had for her.

How long do you want to see Quinn and Barney stick together, or are you just concerned with the question of “who is the mother?” at this point? If you do want to find out some more news as to how Quinn and Barney could break up, all you have to do is visit the story over at this link.

Photo: CBS

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