MTV’s ‘Awkward’ review: Jenna’s alternate universe

After watching so many great episodes of “Awkward” this season, we were genuinely concerned about one that was really going to in the “alternate universe” tradition. For the first time, we were going to see what would have happened had Jenna Hamilton made different decisions in regards to both Matty and Jake.

So how did this end up working? Surprisingly, it was a thing of beauty to watch. We’re not typically a fan of these sort of episodes, but we were happy to see that the writers not only made thins unpredictable, but also played around with the humor a little bit. After all, it was such a nice play on traditional narratives, and it also worked well to show that no matter what road Jenna could have chosen, none of them would have ended well. If she had not slept with Matty, she could have ended up becoming one of the mean girls that she detested so much in the first place. If she had been upfront about her past to Jake, she thought it could have sent their relationship on a different sort of downward spiral.

What was ultimately really nice about this episode was that none of the things suggested here were certainties that would have happened had Jenna done things differently; they were the product of her own imagination and paranoia. In trying to fictionalize her own thoughts, she had realized that her biggest problem was trying to put her whole life on blast … and thus, the blog was turned to “private.”

If there were any young writers watching “Awkward” Thursday night, we really hope that they were inspired by what they saw. It was a lovely showcase of how to play with narrative, and the sort of slanted view at the future that felt completely true to the character rather than being fan service or the producers’ handiwork.

Even though we found out virtually nothing in this episode, did you still like it? If you want to see some more news pertaining to the show, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: MTV

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