‘Big Brother 14’ review: Did Dan Gheesling pull it off again?

After what has transpired over the past 24 hours on the “Big Brother 14” house, we knew that we were in for a pretty thrilling episode on Thursday night. We saw the jury house for the first time, but even this paled in comparison to what we really wanted to know: did Dan manage to betray his own alliance and make another huge move? Read on to find out.

Nominations – Danielle put Ian and Dan on the block, making the hilarious argument that they both backdoored her in this game. Someone should tell Danielle the real purpose of the word “backdoor” in this game is when you are actually the target … not a perfect pawn and jury goat.

The jury house – Now that Britney and Frank have no reason to be nice to each other any more, they can spend their time instead trying to rip each other’s heads off. We are Team Frank by and large for this season, and he did have a point that he was loyal except to the people who were disloyal to him; however, he needs to pull out the stick and stop pretending that loyalty is the only thing that matters in this game. Plus, bringing Britney’s husband into the fight was really pretty disgusting.

The Power of Veto – Ian just lost a memory challenge! He’s vulnerable! The only thing that surprised us even more than this was the fact that it was Danielle who ended up winning this. From here, though, things really got entertaining. We knew that she wanted Ian out of the game, but she wanted to protect Shane from getting more blood on her hands. With that in mind, she came out with a pretty horrendous plan: put Shane up as a replacement nominee, and then let Dan evict Ian.

The eviction – We weren’t positive Danielle would see this plan through, but she did … and Shane is out the door. This was one of the most awesome moves ever in the game, and it caused Danielle to completely and totally melt down.

The first part of the final Head of Household Competition is going to be all about endurance, and we don’t know the winner just yet; however, check back later in the night to find out a little bit more on the winner of that.

What did you think about this episode? What did you think about this episode? If you want to check out some more news from the live feed, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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