‘America’s Got Talent’ finale review: Is William Close the season 7 winner?

For whatever reason, “America’s Got Talent” decided to end Thursday night with a finale episode that was drawn-out, frustrating, and even at times annoying to sit through just to find out one person who ended up winning the season. The best part? Tom Cotter roasting the judges, only to have Joan Rivers come out and completely blast Howard Stern with a Don Imus joke he seemed to be genuinely offended by.

We’re not going to sit here and write about every single filler segment that was presented to us on the show; instead, we are putting almost all of our focus here into talking about who ended up winning the actual competition. We knew it was going to be a¬†pretty¬†tight competition from the get-go, but there were a trio of acts that really seemed to be the true contenders more so than the other three: Olate Dogs, Tom Cotter, and William Close. All three of the acts were pretty consistently amazing, and with that in mind they would have all made great winners. At the end of the day, though, there would only be one champion. We were hoping that William and his earth harp were end up earning the $1 million prize and the headline show in Las Vegas … and we were wrong. Instead, the final two were Tom and the Olate Dogs, and the dog act took it home. In the end, we give this choice a solid 8 our of 10. Easily, this is the best dog act we’ve ever seen. The only question that we have is if they could sell out Vegas night in and night out for a full-length show, and we were pretty confident that both William and Tom could.

What did you think about this winner, and do you think it ties together the entire season as a whole? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and head over here to read some more of the latest “America’s Got Talent” news.

Photo: NBC

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