‘Shark Tank’ season 4 preview: The greatness of Kevin O’Leary returns

Every person has that unscripted show that you could watch a million times without ever getting bored. For us, “Shark Tank” is that show. The reason that the show succeeds is largely because it is a perfect storm of just about everything great related to reality TV: inspirational stories, big personalities, the occasional crazy person trying to impress a panel of experts while wearing a silly costume, and even a reminder that there are still hard-working, creative people out there in America even in this modern age of cynicism.

Of course, we are also pretty sure all these things On the show, he basically plays the character of a real-life Scrooge McDuck. He loves money, making money, and we are pretty sure that after every episode he jumps into a swimming pool filled with $100 bills. Since the show began he has referred to himself as “the devil,” chastised business owners for making such stupid decisions as not licensing a patent or using factories overseas, and also told more than a few people to more or less take their ideas in the back yard and shoot them. He’s Simon Cowell on steroids, and unlike “The X Factor,” his show seems to be surpassing its ratings expectations every season. (To quote a famous character from “Big Brother,” zing!)

The additions of Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner have helped dramatically in bringing more excitement and entertainment value to the tank in general, but Kevin is still in many ways the original flavor and therefore the best. The best part about him? If you go his Twitter, the guy in real life actually seems to be pretty nice and has a great sense of humor. (Plus, he goes to Madonna concerts; who saw that coming?)

There are many O’Leary sightings in the season 4 trailer below, as there are some successful products and some moments that you can’t help but laugh at. We do have to issue a spoiler alert, though, for those of you who like to be surprised when the episodes actually air. To us, part of what makes this show so fun is seeing the inventions come out of left field.

Are you ready to see this new season Friday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on ABC? If you want to check out some more scoop when it comes to the network’s fall schedule, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: ABC

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