NBC’s ‘Community’ season 4 spoilers: Is the end for Donald Glover here?

We have already heard the rumors that season 4 of “Community” could be the last for the series, and there is now even more evidence to potentially back that up courtesy of the actions of one Donald Glover.

According to a new report from TV Guide, Glover, who is working alongside “30 Rock” co-executive producer Matt Hubbard (who he knows rather well from his own days as a writer on the show), has created a concept for a new series at NBC that executives are apparently more than a little bit in love with. Just how in love are they? Let’s just say that they are considering giving the actor a pilot commitment already, with a heavy fee coming in if they decide to kill the series before this pilot is shot.

As for how this show would impact the future of “Community,” the writing is more or less on the wall. Glover, like everyone else, is probably not confident that the move to Fridays is going to help the show at all, and many have felt that the sole reason for this new season to begin with was to just give the show more episodes for syndication purposes down the road. He is better off at this point planning for his future than just waiting around and seeing what NBC is going to do with the beloved show. We will say this, though: if there is anyone deserving of their own show, it’s Glover. He’s enormous talented not just as an actor, but as a writer, producer, and of course a rapper thanks to his work as Childish Gambino. We were actually wondering whether he was going to focus on strictly music after “Community” ended, but now we know that this is not the case.

Do you think this show could exist without Troy if by some miracle it is renewed again? If you want to check out whose parents we are likely set to meet on the upcoming season, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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