‘Survivor: Philippines’ castaway spotlight: Angie Layton

We are going to start off our latest “Survivor: Philippines” castaway spotlight with a little bit of an admission: beauty pageant contestants on reality TV annoy us. Why? It’s not that we inherently hate pageants, but there are too may of them around. It’s like seeing a bald eagle in the wild: it’s exciting because it rarely happens. If there were eagles all over the sky, no one would really bother to bird-watch.

Of course, it doesn’t help that we have yet to see anything from Angie that distinguishes her from past pageant stars to compete on reality TV.

Name – Angie Layton

Age – 20

Location – Provo, Utah (land of Tyson Apostol)

Occupation – Model / student

Tribe – Matsing

Past “Survivor” comparison¬†– Angie compares herself to Fabio and is a Parvati fan, but really she reminds us the most of someone who was equally enthusiastic and ready to play this game for similar reasons a couple of years ago: Purple Kelly. Unfortunately, we all know how terrible that turned out.

Strategy – The Fabio plan is actually a good one in that if you make yourself into the world’s biggest non-threat, it’ll be hard for anyone to worry about you. We’re not sure how much “Survivor” Angie has watched, but she has at least still figured out one of the golden rules: don’t cause problems and stay out of the way. If she can master this, she’ll be golden.

Strengths – First and foremost, she’s young and in good physical shape. She’s also a pretty savvy young lady when it comes to flirting, and this could work well on a tribe with Malcolm depending on his taste in ladies. Probably the biggest thing that could help Angie is just that she really feels like such a positive player, and it’s hard to hate anyone with that sort of attitude on your tribe.

Weaknesses – Let’s just say it: we could see Angie getting annoying a few weeks in. We don’t know if Malcolm will be interested, and we’re not quite sure that many other tribe members are going to understand what sort of value that she really brings to the table as a physical player.

Prediction – While we see another pageant star this season in Katie Hanson possibly going deep into the game, we have fewer hopes for Angie. We don’t think she will have much common ground on her tribe, and we see her thus being the first or second person from the group to leave. Her one saving grace? That there may always be a bigger threat, and that could help her in the short-term.

What’s your take on how Angie will do? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you do want to check out more of our spotlight series, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: CBS


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