‘America’s Got Talent’ review: William Close steals the night, and the season

We weren’t sure going into this last performance episode of “America’s Got Talent” this season absolutely clear who was going to win the whole thing; but now, we’re feeling pretty sure that we know who should. William Close delivered what may be the greatest performance in this history of the series with a stellar and inventive mash-up, and almost everything else paled in comparison.

David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s – For his final stunt of the season, David once again proved himself to be worthy of making it so far. He is a supreme entertainer, and what makes this so spectacular was that, once again, we didn’t see the final image (in Einstein) coming until the very end.

Tom Cotter – There is something that we really love about watching Tom perform. Maybe it’s that he has been working so hard for so long to make his dream come true, or maybe it is that he comes up with his material on the fly. He is just a genuinely funny guy, and we can’t argue against someone who really makes us laugh at very turn.

The Untouchables – Are we glad that this dance group made it this far? Sure, but we really don’t think that they have much of a shot at wining this whole competition. They just don’t really have a lot of moves that we haven’t seen before, and they don’t really stack up to some of the other remaining acts.

Joe Castillo – Now, we turn to the most disappointing act of the night for us. We were thoroughly excited to see what Joe was going to do, but he really took away the best part of his act in the storytelling to “tribute” the show and the judges. The sand art here wasn’t the best he has done, and we really didn’t feel anything but chaos when it came to the music.

William Close – Stunning. Absolutely stunning. We never thought that we would see “Pachelbel’s Canon” and “America the Beautiful” mashed together, but it worked. It was moving, there was just enough singing, and we loved the addition of the acrobatics. Think about the fact that the winner here gets a full Las Vegas show; is there anyone else that you would rather see? He, David, and Tom are really the only people we ca see anchoring a 90-minute set, and as good as they are, he is even better.

Olate Dogs – This one is tough, mostly because we have seen most of these tricks several times now and, save for adding a new dog here and there, it’s the same show every time with the same frantic speed. This still is the best dog act we’ve ever seen … but we’re skeptical is that is enough to win the season.

Who was your favorite from this show, and who do you think will end up winning? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you do want to check out who Howie Mandel predicted to win before the show even started to air, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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