‘Guys with Kids’ review: Jimmy Fallon’s new show needs a change

When “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” first premiered, we honesty found it a bit forced and underwhelming. However, it has since become one of our favorite destinations in all of the late-night world. Let’s hope that the same thing that happens with “Guys with Kids.” Otherwise, we should petition someone to get 30 minutes of our life back.

Basically, we can describe the plot of this show by saying the following. This show is about guys, and all of them have kids. As a matter of fact, Anthony Anderson’s character have four of them! Similar in some ways to “Rules of Engagement,” these guys all have different sorts of relationships; one is a stay-at-home dad, one is a divorcee, and another is a bit more of the “ordinary guy” type. The women in their lives are all different, and we are pretty sure that one of them is one of the most awful human beings alive.

We don’t really know here if there is one individual problem with this show. There’s many. There’s no creativity to the plot, the writing is subpar, and the laughs are completely and totally ordinary sitcom fare. We maybe laughed twice in the entire episode, and both of them involved special guest Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who should stick to just making cameos in “Airplane!” movies. We know that Jimmy Fallon is more creative this, so we don’t understand what happened with his producing team in conceptualizing this idea. It really feels more like a bad cable show than something on network television.

We’re being very hard on this show, but it is with a reason: this show has a prime spot following “America’s Got Talent,” and it is going to start off with good ratings. We want to see it get better, just as we don’t want to see any show fail. However, if things do not improve, let’s just say that this deserves to be one of the first things gone from the schedule.

What did you think about this show, and did you like it more than other recent fare “The New Normal” and “Go On“? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

Photo: NBC

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