‘The X Factor’ season 2 premiere review: Emblem 3, Jillian Jensen shine

The X Factor” is back … but is it better? We don’t even really have to think about this very much. While this show is still way too overwrought and there were not enough contestants to justify the run time, at least the judges were entertaining. Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell have a really great rapport, and Britney Spears was actually (gasp!) pretty harsh. One episode in, and we already feel like we have a better panel than all of last season combined.

We’re not going to give all of the bad contestants the time of day, but here are some of the people who stood out during this episode … for either very good or very bad reasons.

Paige Thomas – The first person to audition this season does have a serious Rihanna vibe to her, and this is the sort of artist that this show is looking for: she’s edgy, adult, and not afraid to speak her mind and fight for this dream. Simon also said this was one of his best auditions ever.

Shawn Armenta – You could tell that this dude was a joke when he could not even complete a full sentence without laughing to himself. Who put this poor guy up to this? He seems like a perfect fun uncle, but not a good audition. He and Don (later) are the only two mentioned here who did not advance.

Reed Demming – We don’t like it when someone tries to hard to look like someone else. Take Reed, for example. We already have Justin Bieber; why do we need someone who also looks just like he did a few years ago? He’s a good singer and we are glad he is through, but he needs his own identity desperately.

Quantrell a.k.a. the wedding dress guy – This was one strange way to introduce yourself. A wedding dress? The dancing? This was pure camp and a drag act, but it actually wasn’t terrible.

Vincent Thomas – Wow, this guy is arrogant. Good for you, you’ve been in a boy band that performed in Europe. We just found it hilarious that he tried to give a band advice on something, when he was really pretty terrible.

Emblem 3 – This show does need a good group after what happened last year, and they may have found that in Emblem 3, otherwise known as the group that Vincent bothered earlier. They had some major hip-hop swag in here, and it almost felt like the baby of Travie McCoy and Matisyahu. We hope they end up with Simon Cowell and he can teach them a little bit of control. At the moment, it’s really all they are missing.

Don Philip – This audition is rather familiar, mostly because his past with Britney Spears has already been pretty well-documented in the stories that have come out since his audition first happened on the show. Let’s just end this here: he wasn’t good enough.

Jennel Garcia – Simon Cowell may be totally on the money here when it comes to Jennel: we’re not sure if we have someone in the music industry at the moment who combines rock and pop music in the way that Jennel does. The best thing about this audition? That she is the last person that you would expect to see rock based on her appearance.

Jillian Jensen – We thought that Jennel was going to be the only girl with some rock tendencies on this show, but then we had Jillian: a young women who was clearly battling insecurities, and had a story that Demi Lovato as a judge could in some ways really relate to. As a matter of fact, she even went on stage and hugged her after it was over. We didn’t love every note of her actual performance, but the emotion was just so there that you had to love her.

As a whole, did you like this premiere more than season 1, and would you actually watch it again? If you want to see more as to why Demi is the perfect judge for this new season, all you have to do is visit the story over at this link.

Photo: Fox

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