‘How I Met Your Mother’ spoilers: Josh Radnor on future beyond season 8

It’s been a while since we checked in on the negotiations to give “How I Met Your Mother” a final season beyond this one, so with that in mind, now seems like as good of a time as ever given some of the recent comments from Josh Radnor to The Hollywood Reporter about the process.

Despite the fact that we have heard about this story for months, but also echoing what Alyson Hannigan recently said on the same subject, the man behind Ted Mosby claims to the website the really, talks have just started about trying to get the show to continue towards a possible season 9:

“So many things have to drop into place for that to happen. They really need to figure it out because the writers need to know. They’re the pressing issue right now because they have to figure out if they’re wrapping up the show at the end of season eight or season nine. (We’ve) just very recently been approached about that and we really can’t say either way right now.”

When it comes to content, there is still enough content to really last the show for around 44 more episodes. We do not know the answer yet as to who is the mother, and we also do not know how Barney and Robin end up getting married (though we do know that they will at least start this journey at some point early this season, after they break up with their current significant others). There is also plenty of possible adventures for Marshall and Lily as new parents.¬†Even if the show does end after this season, we just hope that a decision is made soon; after all, don’t we and the actors really deserve an opportunity to end the show in the best way possible?

Do you think “How I Met Your Mother” should just end, or are you hoping to see two more seasons of the show? If you want to see the first promo for the new season, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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