‘Big Brother 14’ debate: The ‘America’s Favorite Houseguest’ race begins

Who is going to win the coveted honor of “America’s Favorite Houseguest” on “Big Brother 14” this season? The voting for this award is going to be starting up soon, and while most of America is far more concerned with who is actually going to end up winning this game, it is a nice amount of extra change for someone to have in their pocket.

This race has not officially been decided yet based on what we have seen, though, as there are a few moves that some people could make at the top of the rankings. For the time being, though, this is probably where the top five contenders all stand:

5. Janelle Pierzina – Yes, she was evicted well before the jury, but she is still Janelle. She is clearly one of the most-popular female players of all time on this show, and with that in mind, she is still probably going to get plenty of votes.

4. Frank Eudy – You either loved Frank or hated him, but you have to at least give the guy some credit for how hard he played the game and refused to quit no matter the circumstance placed in front of him. It’s possible that his fans could lift him all the way to second place … if only America had two of these jokers.

3. Britney Haynes – Was she as funny as she was in season 12? No, but Britney is still entertaining regardless. She clearly has a fan base, and she at least made it much farther than Janelle and helped to get rid of both her and Mike “Boogie.” You have to respect big moves!

2. Dan Gheesling – This is where things get really tough for us. If viewers were voting simply on good gameplay, Dan has this in the bag; however, we worry that not everyone may have liked how he handled his “funeral,” or some of the backstabbing that he has done time and time again. Nonetheless, he’s who we will be voting for.

1. Ian Terry – Ian has benefited at times from a very favorable edit on the show, and some of his weird and violent comments on the live feed have been ignored a la Big Jeff hating Dumbledore. However, it’s understandable why America loves the geek this season; he started out a superfan, but unlike Adam and some past people to hold this title, he is really playing the game hard now.

Who do you think is going to take home this prize? We want to hear your thoughts in the poll below! To check out more spoilers from the live feeds, be sure to click on the sidebar to the right. We also have our picks for potential All-Stars from this season over at this link.

Photo: CBS


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