‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: New photos from the premiere

Want more from the “Grey’s Anatomy” premiere? Well, we now have a pair of new photos worth sharing, even if there is a pretty big silver lining to go along with them: they do not really give us much of an idea at all as to what is happening.

Basically, these two photos are just showcases of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) working hard within the halls of Seattle Grace. What can we interpret from them? Not much, really, outside of the fact that the two are going to be in a somewhat somber mood. This is hardly surprising, though, given everything they have been through. Although some time will have obviously passed between the events and the plane crash and what we are going to be seeing here, it’s still going to be leaving behind its emotional scars. Plus, there still is a mystery surrounding what exactly leads Mark (Eric Dane) to leave the show, and whether or not Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is going to end up surviving.

Will these questions be answered in the premiere? Ultimately, it’s been too long since we had any new information to say for sure. We do know that the second episode is going to flash back more to the actual crash (or at least this was the case when it was first reported months ago), so do not be surprised if there even are an unanswered question or two by the time the episode in just over two weeks is done airing.

Do you take anything from these two photos at all? If you want to hear some more news on Alex’s upcoming romance, be sure to head over to the link here. Be sure to check out more from the season 9 premiere leading up to its September 27 date!

Photo: ABC

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