‘Big Brother 14’ debate: Is Dan Gheesling the best player ever?

Even since Dan Gheesling held a mock funeral for himself in the “Big Brother 14” house in an attempt to save his own hide, this is a question that we ave been asking ourselves: is this guy really the best ever? Clearly, he was a part of “Big Brother” royalty before this season started as the only unanimous winner ever, but some of his play this season has only added to the mystique.

When it comes to why we waited to post this until a few weeks following the funeral, we had a pair of reasons in mind. First, we know that there is not going to be much else to talk about while the feeds are down until the episode airs Wednesday night. (You can read the spoilers about that here.) Second, we wanted to wait until Dan’s average placement was equal to how former winners Dr. Will Kirby and Jordan Lloyd placed in their respective second times in the game.

Statistically, Dan is now one of the three best players to ever been in this house, and he could be the best overall depending on how the next few days go. We should, however, point out that stats don’t mean everything, since we are pretty sure few people put Jordan’s game on the same level as Dr. Will’s. (We will have more on their place on the all-time list next week.)

With all this in mind let’s just take a look as to why could already claim Dan the best player ever, or why he may be in trouble when it comes to this title regardless of how this season goes.

The case for Dan – Despite having only one player left and early being evicted with Danielle during Frank’s first reign as Head of Household, the man has stuck around with some brilliant gameplay. He started out subtle, making temporary deals and allowing Danielle’s bond with Shane to carry him for a while.Then, he got more aggressive when it came to trying to get Frank out before the reset, staging the mock funeral in his push to get the Veto used on him, and then most recently finally getting Frank out of the house. He should have a massive target on his back; instead, he’s secured himself a final two deal with two out of the three other people still in this game, and Shane will at least take him to the final three. How is this not brilliant?

The case against Dan – It’s completely logical that you could say that the reset gave Dan a few free weeks of safety, but you also have to remember that the house had a chance to evict him over JoJo and they didn’t do it. (Plus, there are so many winners these days impacted by twists that this is hardly anything new.)

The only other arguments that we can think of here is that while Jordan and Dan played against a good many newbies their second time in the game, Dr. Will played with All-Stars that should know better. You could also argue that Danielle’s alliance with Shane has benefited Dan greatly, but this is what happens in “Big Brother.” You rely on other people sometimes. Dr. Will need Boogie for most of “All-Stars,” and Dan needed his own partner-in-crime. The difference between his game this time and in season 10 is that he really doesn’t have one Memphis; instead, he’s had to play multiple people.

If you had to say right now whether or not Dan was the best “Big Brother” ever, could you call it? We want to hear your thoughts in the poll below, and we’ll have our official take on it after the season is wrapped. Once again, you can check out the spoilers of the final four Head of Household Competition here.

Photo: CBS

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