‘Surivor: Philippines’ castaway spotlight: Dana Lambert

With one or two minor exceptions (namely Katie), we are really starting to dig the Kalabaw tribe on “Survivor: Philippines.” As a matter of fact, this may be the craziest tribe in recent memory in between the wacky Sarah Dawson, the alpha male Jeff Kent, and the mastermind known as Jonathan Penner.

So where does Dana Lambert fit into here? Hopefully, she is someone who will be the glue of the tribe and last for a while.

Name – Dana Lambert

Age – 32

Location – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Occupation – Cosmetologist

Tribe – Kalabaw

“Survivor” comparison – Seriously, she compared herself to Boston Rob on the CBS page. Nobody should compare themselves to Boston Rob. She reminds us a little bit more of Twila from “Vanuatu” mixed with JT from “Tocantins.” She’s got a little bit of an edge, but at the same time she seems pretty likable and down to earth.

Strategy – She claims that her goal is to win, and also to hide behind an alpha male for a while until he gets voted out of the game. When you have Jeff Kent on your tribe, this seems like a brilliant idea. Other than that, Dana seems mostly intent on just being a hard worker, someone to talk to, and not someone who will present you with a reason to get her out of the game.

Strengths – As someone who has been through rehab, Dana clearly knows a thing or two about dealing with adversity and overcoming obstacles. With that in mind, she’s the last person we would expect to quit out there. She also seems to be the perfect sort of “Survivor” fan: she has watched just about every season, but is not so crazy about the game that she will faint any time Jeff Probst points at her or says her name during a challenge.

Weaknesses -Dana’s biggest problem may simply be picking the wrong side. If she wants to hide behind an alpha male like Jeff, this may mean siding with him … but if he leaves early, she’s suddenly the target. She needs to be smart about making an early alliance, and she also better figure out how to swim in the ocean quick.

Prediction – With Katie and Jeff being the two weak links on the Kalabaw tribe, we just can’t see Dana being an early boot. With that being said, we also do not think that she will be the winner of the game. Expect Dana to end up being a jury player this season, with her biggest problem down the road being that she just is too much of a threat to win at the end.

How are you hoping that Dana does on this season? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below! If you do want to check out some more of the latest news in our castaway spotlight series, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS


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