‘Glee’ season 4: Four changes we would like to see

Being that season 4 is in many ways the season of change with “Glee,” in between Rachel moving to New York and so many people graduating, isn’t it time for the show to evolve a little bit, too? This is the time when, for the sake of making the show better in the long run, tough decisions have to be made … and we hope that this is the time when executive producer Ryan Murphy will make them.

Before the show kicks off with its season premiere on Thursday night, we want to put on our own producer cap and look at a few things “Glee” can do to restore the show back to its former glory. Season 1 was a time of great revelations, and it can still be that show again if the right moves are made from here on out.

1. More than romance – We know that everyone loves relationships, but they, like anything else on a show, are good in small doses. If everyone is happy in love, it makes the love feel less special. Therefore, there needs to be a little more balance. We know that there are going to be plenty of break-ups coming up this season, and while we still want there to be hope for Finchel, Klaine, Brittana, and many other couples that are desperate to be together, these characters deserve to have more going on in their lives beyond just boyfriends and girlfriends. Remember, you don’t necessarily need someone to break up for this to happen.

2. A smaller group – We can already see the show moving in this direction, and it’s a good thing: focusing more on a smaller crew of stars rather than 15-20. Last season was so huge that great scenes (the Klaine “box scene” from the Christmas episode, Quinn’s meltdown about Rachel’s wedding) were ultimately left on the cutting floor, and we need more freedom here with just a few stories. We’re not saying that supporting players need to be cut, just reduced. What made the pilot so great was that we had about four or five main driving forces behind the show, and everyone else was a key background player.

3. No gimmicks – This means no stunt casting (Kate Hudson notwithstanding, since her role is important), fewer tributes unless there is a reason behind it, and no putting on songs just to sell a bunch of iTunes downloads. Everything on this show needs to have a specific meaning behind it, and we want the focus back on the story.

4. More for the “Glee Project” stars – This season, we hope that Alex Newell, Samuel Larsen, and the upcoming Blake Jenner all get to contribute in a real way … one far greater than what we saw during season 3 when Damian McGinty was hung out to dry and Newell mostly existed just to give a face to the enemies on Vocal Adrenaline beyond Jonathan Groff. If you have this great farm system, why not use it more?

What do you want to see changed on the show for season 4? We want to hear more of your thoughts below! If you want to hear some surprising news pertaining to who is breaking up for sure this season, be sure to pay a visit to the link here.

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