‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: Check out some premiere peeks!

Can you believe the season premiere of “Bones” is only a matter of days away now? Luckily, we have some more good news: you can watch a few peeks from it early.

The first video that we have to share here is really one of the saddest, mostly in that it features Brennan away from Booth, and having to raise the couple’s daughter on her own for at least a little bit while she is away with the help of her father. It’s a daunting proposition, and it makes us want to fast forward and see the two of them back together right away, even if we know that they are not exactly going to be on the best terms at first over her leaving. Does Booth understand? Sure, but she was still gone for an incredibly long period of time.

Now, we have some more proof that Booth also needs Brennan, mostly because he is not as much fun looking to stop Pelant while sitting down at a desk.

Finally, we conclude with what really everyone has been looking forward to seeing: the one moment of passion that shows there is still plenty of romance and fire here, even if the two are in the middle of a tough time. It almost seems appropriate that the two started things off by acting as though they were going to take each other down … and then ended up taking each other down in a completely different way.

What do you think about these videos, and do they make you even more excited about the new season? We want to hear more of your thoughts below! If you want to see some more exciting scoop pertaining to who is getting a love interest on the upcoming season of the show, be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: Fox

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