‘Big Brother 14’ spoilers: The eviction and the new Head of Household

We told you that we would only have spoilers for what is coming up next in the “Big Brother 14” house if we could ensure that they were more than accurate, but we have some good news: we now can reveal what happened.

(Warning: This contains major spoilers for Wednesday’s episode. Read at your own risk.)

Thanks to the extremely reliable @MissCleoBB14 (who was at the taping), here are some of the events that you will want to know from the event:

1. As expected, Jenn was evicted by a total of two votes to zero. She told Julie Chen outside that she did not regret taking slop for the summer or helping Dan out when it came to saving him. We have a feeling that she is pretty hungry. The good news? Julie had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting for her.

2. Apparently, the gymnastics “date” between Danielle and Shane is even more awkward and hilarious than we could have ever hoped for.

3. The Head of Household Competition revolved around remembering faces that were shown to the houseguests after the live feeds went down, and it was a close contest. Apparently, it came down to Dan against Danielle, and she ended up winning after Dan ended up being over on the tie-breaking question. (The irony here is that he was actually a lot closer to the right answer.) This is really okay news for Dan lovers out there. Even though she was a vote that would have kept him for sure, the only scenario we saw him leaving was if he was on the block against Danielle. Now, we don’t think anyone is going to vote to get rid of him over Ian or Shane.

What do you think about these results? To see where we think everyone stands in the new edition of our rankings, be sure to hit up the link here. (Programming note: Posting spoilers from sources isn’t really the norm here, but we made an exception here based on the fact that it seemed counter-intuitive to give updates all season and then stop when it came to the one update everyone wants to know about.)

Photo: CBS

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