‘The New Normal’ episode 2 review: A turn for the abnormal

While Matthew Perry’s “Go On” managed to actually improve on its pilot episode Tuesday night, we cannot exactly say that we feel the same about its companion on NBC in “The New Normal.” Were there still some moments that were worth laughing about? Sure, but the flaws that were present in the pilot were even more prominent here … at least before things started to get thoroughly enjoyable at the end.

Basically, the issue that we have with “The New Normal” is rather simple: the entire show is made out to be all about the fact that we are focusing in on the fact that , when instead this would be far more interesting if the focus was on a couple in David and Bryan who just so happened to be gay, and not so much solely on their sexuality. We know Ryan Murphy is desperate to prove that this is the “New Normal” (hence the title), but the show really tries too hard. The first ten minutes were filmed with constant reactions to the two wanting to have a child as a gay couple, whether it be Ellen Barkin’s prejudice or some straight friends saying that they idolized their life without kids.

Thankfully, things did get turn around a little bit once the second half of the show rolled around. We had a fun story all about how David and Bryan met, ad how the two of them were hoping to rekindle their romance by hitting up a club. Meanwhile, the idea of Goldie’s daughter turning into the lead from “Gray Gardens” was also pretty close to hilarious. This led to a story about her accepting herself for who she is, and finding out that it was Barkin’s Nana who drew on David and Bryan’s couch to draw them away from starting a family together.

At the end of the day, “The New Normal” this week felt like a tale of two halves. The first 15 minutes were overwrought, and the final 15 were brilliant as we saw more layers to their characters beyond their labels … and we also learned that Goldie is pregnant! Let’s just hope that this is the half of the show we see more of in the future.

What did you think about this episode compared to the pilot?┬áTo check out our review of the show’s first episode, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: NBC

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