‘Go On’ episode 2 review: Is Matthew Perry’s show still strong?

Thanks to the premiere airing during the London Olympics, it has actually been a good while since we have seen a new episode of NBC’s series “Go On.” Thankfully, we were engaged enough with the pilot (as it is one of the best new comedies of the season) to stay excited for the show’s return, and it turns out to have really been worth the wait. Episode 2 was not only funny, but it did something when it comes to story that we haven’t seen before in some shape or form.

Basically, the plot of this episode was simple. Thanks in part to being afraid to be at home alone, Matthew Perry’s Ryan decided to spent all of him time around other people rather than thinking about all of his problems. Then, to make matters worse he decided to impart this philosophy on one of the members of his support group by getting her to dump her boyfriend and deal with the heartbreak by bringing home a constant stream of cats. This was all funny, but then things got a little sentimental (possibly over so?) at the end when Ryan realized that his manner of doing things was not the best way to do things. He yet again had a discussion with the leader of the group at the end, and realized that he needs to stop trying so hard to make things happen.

Meanwhile, the subplot with the blind man George had a bit of a similar impact as Ryan tried to make up for him losing his basketball by taking him to a basketball game. Within this scene, we saw both the flaws of “Go On” and also its strengths: while there are some issues with the writing getting too sappy and with this episode structure being similar to the pilot, it still has some great characters and makes you feel good at the end. Thanks to all of this, “Go On” is still a series with a great deal of potential, and we are inspired to keep watching.

Do you think that Perry’s show is still strong, or did episode 2 ultimately disappoint you a little?┬áIf you want to see what NBA star is going to be making an appearance on the show pretty soon, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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