‘Big Brother 14’ rankings: Danielle Murphree a near lock for finale

Now that the “Big Brother 14” live feeds are going to be dark until Wednesday following the show, we are going to be filling up some of that time with some other content related to the season, from our weekly rankings to some speculation about who could be on a future season based on how they played this time around. (That information will come later.)

Before we get to the rankings here, though, we want to address the¬†possibility¬†of revealing the eviction and the new Head of Household from the taping of the lie show tonight. Basically, we know that there will be a leak of some sort since there are people in the audience who will likely spill the beans … however, we are not going to post anything unless we have 100% evidence from a reliable source. The last thing we want to do is base something on hearsay and then be surprised later.

Now, let’s get back to the actual rankings.

5. Jenn Arroyo (last week: #5) – Unless she pulls off a miracle or Danielle self-evicts herself out of anger that Shane won’t kiss her, Jenn is a goner. She was never that interesting of a player to begin with, so we can’t say we’ll miss the biggest disappointment for casting all season long.

4. Ian Terry (last week: #4) – Let’s put it this way: unless Ian wins the next Power of Veto, he’s probably a goner unless Dan decides to target Shane first thanks to his ties to Danielle (which he has suggested he might do). Even if Dan does target Shane, though, everyone else would want Ian gone.

3. Shane Meaney (last week: #3) – Shane has one major thing to watch out for at this point: Dan. He needs to win Head of Household or the Veto to make sure he is safe, and after that, he’s got a pretty good shot at winning this whole thing given that we may have a jury that is pretty bitter towards Dan. With that being said, Shane would easily by the worst winner since Jordan and one of the worst winners ever in terms of strategy.

2. Danielle Murphree (last week: #2) – We’ve given Danielle a lot of grief this season, but we have to give her credit for one thing: she’s done a great job of securing herself $50,000. We know she’s not going to be leaving the house tonight, and every single person left wants to be sitting next to her at the end. So even though her chances at winning are astronomically low, it’s hard to really hate someone who is going to be $50,000 richer in a few ways. Literally, the only way Danielle does’t make the finale is if Ian gets put in a position (whether by winning the Veto next week or the final Head of Household) where he takes her out, and even then he would go after Shane first.

1. Dan Gheesling (last week: #1) – For the first time all season, our rankings don’t change at all. Like Danielle, we have Dan as a lock for surviving next week, with the only exception here being that Ian and Shane each win a challenge. While his odds of making it to the final two are lower than Dainelle’s, his odds of winning are much higher. In a perfect world with a jury that respects gameplay, you may as well hand him the check now.

If you want to see some more news from the live feed prior to them being cut (mostly about Ian trying to ask a past contestant out on Twitter), be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: CBS


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