‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 preview: a look ahead at a ‘crazy’ year

The fifth season of “Sons of Anarchy” is launching Tuesday night, and this looks already like it could be a standout year for the show. Jax has himself in a new position of power with SAMCRO, and he is going to be coming into contact with all sorts of interesting characters. However, what is interesting about this season in particular is that Nero (Jimmy Smits) and Pope (Harold Perrineau) are not necessarily going to be the primary villains; as a matter of fact, it may take us several weeks to find out just where there real allegiances lies.

For more on what the show is bringing to the table this year, all you have to do is read what executive producer Paris Barclay had to say to TVLine:

“This season is even crazier than the last … It’s stronger and it’s much more intense. I thought the last season was as intense as [creator] Kurt [Sutter] and our writers could make it… Not so. They’ve topped it.”

There is also another interesting casting that is coming up this season: “Community” star Joel McHale, who is venturing away from the world of comedy to take on the part of the con man Warren. However, we don’t think that he is going to be appearing to the same extent as either one of the aforementioned actors. Nonetheless, there should be something for every diehard fan this season, which will hopefully draw us closer to the endgame for everyone.

What do you think about these guest stars, and how excited are you for this upcoming season? Stay tuned, as we are going to have some more of the latest news from the show following the premiere episode. If you want to see what McHale has to say about his upcoming season, you can do so by visiting the story over at this link.

Photo: FX

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