‘America’s Got Talent’ finale rankings: William Close, Olate Dogs lead the way

On Wednesday night, the end will be here for “America’s Got Talent” when it comes to performances … but who out of the remaining contestants actually has the best chance at winning the grand prize? This is where some of our rankings come into play.

Really, we judged the final six contenders all on two things: voter support in the past, and whether or not we can see them actually headlining a Las Vegas show that would sell out every night.

6. Joe Castillo – This ranking is no offense whatsoever to Joe, whose sad art is something that is more than just a showcase of talent. It is also moving, and he tells a legitimate story that we connect to as someone watching at home. Joe barely made it into the finale, so we have a hard time thinking that he will emerge as the winner.

5. The Untouchables – This group was not only a surprise for us when it came to them getting into the finale, but also in that they did not even need the votes of the judges to do so. We wonder if a new TMZ story accusing the group of disturbing hotel guests is going to hurt them; but even outside of that, their biggest issue here is that we think we’ve seen the best of what they can do. It’s not a 90-minute sort of act even if it is fun to watch for about a tenth of that time.

4. David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s – We have made no secret of our love for David, but the fact that he needed the judges’ vote to make it into the finale was a bit of an eye-opener. He’s coming off what was probably his most polarizing performance to date, so if he is going to have a shot at this, there needs to be something even more fantastic than what we have seen in the past.

3. Tom Cotter – In many ways, Tom is the dark horse here. He’s a brilliantly funny comedian that has already made it to a place that is uncharted territory for comics on this show. He’s also seasoned, and knows how to use 90 seconds to his advantage (as he did when it came to Howie Mandel picking his material).

2. Olate Dogs – These dogs really have a pretty great shot at this. Without a doubt, this is the best animal act in “America’s Got Talent” history, and we know that there is enough content here that the group could make a much larger show featuring the dogs all doing different things. The only worry here is that animals (even well-trained ones) can be unpredictable, and they haven’t had much time to prepare a new show.

1. William Close – At the end of the day, this show is about finding an act that could not only work as a Las Vegas headliner, but stay in the city for weeks and even months. William is that act. His earth harp performances are otherworldly, but what is important here is that he is thinking beyond just that: he has innovative percussion, great singers, and a spectacle that is mesmerizing to watch. Even if he doesn’t win, William is probably going to be the most successful of the group here.

Who is your favorite to win this season? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below! If you want to take a look back at how this finale lineup was created, you can do so by reading the story over here.

Photo: NBC


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