‘Bachelor Pad 3’ finale: Michael Stagliano’s Rachel Truehart apology cut

Just in case you were wondering about a few details that were cut out of the season 3 finale for “Bachelor Pad” Monday night, Michael Stagliano apparently tried to be much more apologetic to Rachel Truehart than we ever saw him be during their conversation in the second hour of the reunion.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account after the episode aired, Stagliano posted that there was an apology in here to Rachel over not sharing some of the same feelings that she did outside of the house, but it did not end up airing likely due to some of the attention the show gave to Nick Peterson shockingly taking all of the money for himself (while cackling like a supervillain) and leaving Rachel without a penny to her name:

“The words ‘I’m sorry’ never ever make it past the editing room for some reason,but I assure you they were said multiple times. #bachelorpad …But please allow @RachTrue_ to feel however she feels. It’s ok. I just hope one day I can have the same courtesy extended to me.”

Just in case you are wondering, Stagliano claims to be done with reality TV and we will likely never seen him on a “Bachelor Pad 4” if the show ends up getting renewed (which seems like a toss-up at this point). As for Rachel, we have a feeling that she would be a lock for a future season if she wants it. Although you can debate whether or not what Nick did in taking the money was justified, she had a pretty awful night in between losing the money and the fallout with Michael.

Do you wish that the show had given Michael more time to explain himself, especially since we did waste some time on some petty fighting between Jaclyn and Jamie? We want to hear your thoughts below. Michael will also have more comments in a blog entry tomorrow, so stay tuned for more of that.

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Photo: ABC

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