‘Survivor: Philippines’ castaway spotlight: Zane Knight

Even when we are skeptical about someone’s “Survivor” game, there are still ways in which we find ourselves cheering for them. Namely,we are talking here about Zane Knight. He just seems to be a likable dude: he’s a different sort of guy from the south than who we’ve seen in the past, and he’s just here to win the money rather than to make some sort of name for himself. We’re really not sure if there has ever been someone so down-to-earth and honest on this show.

Now, the real question here is whether or not he is going to be able to survive on a tribe that has Russell Swan and a big personality in Malcolm Freberg.

Name – Zane Knight

Age – 28

Location – Danville, Virginia

Occupation – Tire repair

Tribe – Matsing

“Survivor” comparison – He may be from the same town as Johnny Fairplay, but the guy does not like being compared to him in the slightest. It would be easy to say that Zane is going to be another token “Southern guy,” but he has a little bit of an edge and isn’t a farmer by any measure. He almost reminds us of a younger Chris Daughtery, except with maybe a little bit of James Miller thrown in there.

Strategy – What makes Zane dangerous is that he really wants to “win at all costs.” He’s not there to be a character or to play with integrity. He’s there to do whatever he has to do to make it to the end, which could include all sorts of treachery or even playing under the radar.

Strengths – Let’s start with the fact that Zane is flexible. He’s clearly a guy with some serious motivation, and he’s not going to roll over and die at any point in this game. He’s also someone who is innately fascinating, and he should be pretty approachable because of that. This is always good for alliances early in the game.

Weaknesses – Zane describes himself as a doughboy, and that’s never a good thing in such a physical competition. He’s clearly the weakest person on his tribe among the men, and that could hurt him with some of the early competitions. While he may be approachable, at the same time there may be some people who judge him before even sitting down to have a conversation. If some of his fellow tribe members decide to cast him aside as a misfit, he could be in trouble.

Prediction – We really want to see Zane win this game, mostly because he could probably use the money more than most everyone else there. However, we will be stunned to see that actually happen. We just don’t think he’s in with the right group of people, and if his tribe loses early he could be targeted by either the bartender (Malcolm) or the beauty queen freaked out because she has never met anyone like him (Angie). It’ll be a surprise if he makes the merge … but a welcome surprise.

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Photo: CBS


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