‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Has Dan changed his top target?

Ever since he won Head of Household during the live double eviction episode of “Big Brother 14,” Dan made one thing more than a little bit clear: he really wants Ian out of this game. Why? Even though the two have a deal to make it to the end together, he’s worried that he will not be able to beat him if they make it there.

However, it seems that some recent events in the house have at least caused him to change him mind somewhat as to who he wants out first. After Danielle did not want to see Shane get backdoored after Ian’s Veto win, and coupled with their little “date” to a gymnastics event yesterday, our only remaining coach has seemingly decided that Shane is a bigger target. In a brief “chat” with a photo of his wife Chelsea (who is actually tweeting for him while he is in the house), Dan said that Shane “needed to go.” He was not clear about whether or not he needed to go before Ian, but we’re betting so. We know that Shane will not take Dan to the finale two, and Ian will; at this point, you have to somewhat think about how you are even going to be getting there, and not just what is going to happen to you once the jury cast their votes.

At this point, though, you can almost book it: Danielle will be a part of the final three, and likely the final two. The only way it doesn’t happen is if Shane wins Head of Household next week, and Ian is deciding to send home either her or Dan (and he even may be tempted at that point to stab him in the back).

Do you think booting Shane before Ian is Dan’s best move at this point?┬áIf you want to see some more of Danielle’s attempts to reassure Dan that all is going to be fine at the end of the day here, you can do so by paying a visit to the story at this link.

Photo: CBS

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