NBC’s ‘The Voice’ premiere review: Is Trevin Hunte the best audition ever?

The Voice” is back, and despite a number of our concerns, we have to give the producers here some credit for finding some pretty good talent in the season 3 premiere. We had everything from reggae to rock to country and even yodeling; in other words, more genres than we have ever seen on a singing competition. We also had at least three people who were better than most of the top 8 last season.

Terry McDermott – Terry was the first contestant of the season, and he was a little bit of the Scottish rock star this show desperately needs. We really want to see how well this sort of singer goes over with a live audience in America; it’s not the best voice for everything, but his stage presence makes up for it. The pairing with Blake Shelton? That just makes things even more interesting.

De’Borah – She was quirky, but more importantly she was good. De’Borah turned “Hey, Soul Sister” into an R&B hit, and we would have never guessed after this performance that she was even singing a hit from Train. She definitely goes off the beaten path, and she did so again by picking Christina Aguilera as her coach.

Gracia Harrison – She was a country singer, and it was clear that she was going to pick Blake the moment that she started to sing. She also happened to know how to yodel, and that is something that we haven’t quite seen on here before. We do agree, though, that she may be the best country artist we have heard on this show.

Devyn Deloera – What we have hated about this show in the past is the lack of young “pop” talent, and Devyn may actually fit that bill. She has a stellar voice, an unusual sense of style, and she of course picked her hero in Christina. If she can get people to vote for her, she’s one to watch.

Bryan KeithAdam Levine got his first team member in Bryan, who happened to also be the first guy to get to choose between all four coaches. The only concern that we had here, though, is that the guy doesn’t really look like someone who is going to stand out in the later rounds this season.

Daniel Rosa – Was Daniel’s audition altogether fair? We’re not sure. He had the luxury of having actually being on this show before, and the coaches saw him. Therefore, he’s not necessarily the same sort of fresh voice that fits the show’s premise. Daniel did get better in his time away, though, and was deserving of a spot on Cee Lo Green’s team. All in all, he’s such a nice guy that it’s hard to be mad at him for having an edge.

Anita Antoinette – We don’t usually include failed auditions here, but this was in many ways the one that got away. This was a stellar reggae singer with plenty of soul, but the problem here was Bob Marley. You need to see someone perform “No Woman, No Cry” to understand it, and without that connection it didn’t work.

Joe Kirkland – He’s got the sort of rock vibe that is actually very similar to The All-America Rejects, whose song he performed in “Gives You Hell.” There is some “star quality” here (as Blake said), but despite his arguments, this was really all about Adam.

Trevin Hunte – Trevin was a genuinely interesting story: a man with a rough upbringing whose own teacher tried to keep him out of performing arts school. To make things even crazier, this may have been the best blind audition in the history of the show. His voice was incredible, and the craziest thing is that he is only 18 years old. Hopefully, Cee Lo will bring him out of his shell.

Who was your favorite from this season premiere? We want to hear some of your thoughts below, and be sure to read here to find out what we would like to change to the show’s format this season.

Photo: NBC

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