‘Bachelor Pad 3’ finale review: What happened with Rachel Truehart, Nick Peterson?

On Monday night, “Bachelor Pad 3” ended in what can be best described as a pretty bizarre two hours. We had a winner who was pretty much invisible all season long, a woman who got her heart smashed on two occasions, and Michael Stagliano getting reamed out in a way he hasn’t since he was dealing with Holly and Blake last season.

Before we get to the giant bomb that almost immediately makes Nick Peterson into a household name (albeit a hated one nearly to Bentley Williams levels), let’s focus on some of the other highlights from the two hours:

-Did anyone notice that Jaclyn Swartz was wearing the same outfit that Britney Spears is wearing on Wednesday night’s season premiere for “The X Factor“? Apparently, she thinks is makes her “stronger” than yesterday.

-The Michael Stagliano segment was actually much shorter than we had expected during the first hour, as we were predicting beforehand that this was going to be something that was a freight train of tears and rage. Instead, it was over pretty fast. Michael was accused of leading Rachel on, but that was about the worst thing said about him, as he compared his relationship with Rachel to “summer camp.” When Rachel then came out after Michael’s solo Q&A, it then got interesting. She accused Michael of having another relationship that was all of the things that he supposedly didn’t want (namely that it was long-distance), and he really didn’t deny it.

-Blakeley Jones and Tony Pieper are engaged. Aww. At least Blakeley got something out of this other than everyone completely hating her among the ladies.

-Chris Bukowski was apparently ripped apart by his own family after filming the show.

-Erica Rose still hates Kalon McMahon … and Michael. She should really find a new show that actually makes her happy.

Now, we turn to the main event here: Rachel and Nick each “won,” but in one of the craziest, cruelest moves that we have seen in reality TV history, Nick opted to take all of the money rather than sharing it. Now, Rachel gets nothing outside of her own tears and a voice that is probably not going to be there in the morning. Meanwhile, Nick is a very rich man. Was he justified in doing this? Sure! It’s a part of the game. Nick was clearly there for the money more than friendship (or air time, for that matter). This does not mean that he is going to be known as a good person for the rest of his life. We actually understand some of where he was coming from in that Rachel never wanted to be his partner, so he took everything for himself.

What did you think about the finale, and who do you think came off worst in this episode: Michael, Nick, or someone else? We want to hear some of your thoughts with a comment below! If you want to see if we got our predictions for the show right, you can check that out over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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