Possible new Adam Lambert song title — ‘Freak Flag’ (updated)

Greg Hernandez
Is this a new title?

Do we have another song from Adam Lambert’s upcoming sophomore release? It’s way too soon to be saying that for sure, but a claim from a reliable source suggests that “Freak Flag” may be flying high when the album drops in the near future.

The aforementioned source is Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo! Music, who is widely known as one of the biggest reality TV gurus out there. During her new look at Adam’s “Behind the Music” special on VH1 (which is set to air on Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time), Parker mentions the song title when talking about the discussion of the singer’s sexuality:

“Yes, Adam’s “Behind The Music” covers the fact that…wait for it…he is gay. Shocker, huh? There’s a great deal of emphasis on his sexuality throughout the special, perhaps¬†too¬†much emphasis–I personally would have enjoyed more music talk and more footage of him in the studio working on that second album, recording new songs like ‘Freak Flag.’ But the emphasis is still in the right place, as it’s entirely positive”

With the way in which Parker writes about it, it suggests almost that “Freak Flag” may be mentioned during this special, as well. If this song ends up making it onto the album, it will mean that we have our second confirmed track after “Outlaws of Love” was shown off for the first time in Quebec late last month.

Based on this title alone (which seems to represent another form of self-acceptance hinted at in “Outlaws”), what do you think this song could sound like?

Update: Adam mentioned “Freak Flag” during the special Sunday night, but did not share any further details aboutt he song.

Update 2: As you can read about here, Adam is saying that the song now has a different title.

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