‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Was there a Veto Ceremony shocker?

Is Jenn Arroyo’s time in the “Big Brother 14” house finally up, or has someone in Ian actually given her a fighting chance at staying in this game? With the results of the Power of Veto Ceremony now in, we can now confirm that her fight to stay in this game just got a little bit harder.

At the ceremony, Shane of course did the smart thing and used the Veto on himself … which is good since he probably would have gone home had he pulled a Marcellus and kept himself on the block. However, his “no-mance” partner in  Danielle is up on the block instead. There was some speculation that Ian would put Dan on the block, mostly because everyone expected him to do so, but some how Dan is safe yet again. Nobody else knows, though, about his “secret alliance” with Dan that is really one-sided. If Ian had put Dan on the block, he would have been giving both Shane and Danielle all of the power to ensure who went home.

We really do wonder now whether or not Ian is going to consider getting Danielle out of this game. Shane and Dan are the two people voting, and he may try to get Dan to force a tie so that he can get her out of the game. After all, Ian doesn’t want to be in the final four against two people who for sure won’t take him to the end. When it comes to Jenn, it’s a little bit of a toss-up thanks to her status as a free agent.

What do you think of Ian’s move, and do you think it is possible at all that Danielle goes home this week? If you want to check out some more hilarious details about Danielle’s attempts to kiss Shane last night (trust us, it’s really funny), be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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