‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The morning before the Veto

We are ow a mere few hours away from Veto Ceremony in the “Big Brother 14” house, and it’s still not entirely clear just what our resident Head of Household in Ian plans on doing. Granted, he really only has two choices … but this decision has clear implications for his own perception of how far he will get in this game.

Warning: The following contains spoilers.

While there is no questioning that Dan on his own is a far bigger threat to go far and even win this game than Danielle, Ian also is smart enough to remember one thing: that Dan is the only person left really telling him that he will go to the final two with him. In putting him up on the block as a replacement nominee, you are putting a great deal of trust that Shane and Danielle are not going to pull a fast one and get him out of the house sooner rater than later. While Danielle has a final-two deal with Dan, she also has the same with Shane and proved during the double-eviction that she may not be willing to evict Shane in the event that she has the opportunity to do so. Therefore, Dan is the next logical choice to go.

In reality, Ian doesn’t really have a path to the final two that does not include him winning the final Power of Veto; however, with the information that he knows it is the smart move to put up Danielle and send Jenn packing in a pretty easy vote. If he doesn’t do that, then he runs the risk of making his road to the finale harder than ever in his eyes.

What do you think Ian should do? Be sure to check back later in the day, as we are of course going to have results straight from the ceremony. To check out more on Danielle and Shane’s “kissing” antics from Sunday night, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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