‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Puck’s in for a shock

One of the new characters on “Glee” this season is Jacob Artist’s new “bad boy” Jake Puckerman, and we knew that he was going to have a pretty interesting relationship when it came to his half-brother played by Mark Salling’s Puck. What we didn’t realize until now, though, was that the two characters were not going to really have any relationship at all.

According to a new report from Zap2It, Puck (who has apparently shaved off his famous mohawk as he kicks off his new pool-cleaning business, which will likely lead to a move to Los Angeles given that it doesn’t seem to be the most lucrative thing to do in Lima 12 months a year) does not even know that he has a little brother at the start of the season. Meanwhile, we’re not sure whether or not Jake knew about Puck either until it was mentioned to him in passing at New Directions. It wouldn’t make much sense for Puck’s father to keep the secret from him, and yet go on to tell Jake anything and everything.

Even though we know that Puck and all of the other graduating seniors are going to be back for at least several episodes this season, we don’t know when they will air or what they will end up involving. ¬†We wouldn’t be shocked, though, if Puck was still in Lima at the start of the premiere, if for no other reason than that it takes a long time to pull the trigger on a move (especially after graduation).

Now that you know the true extent (or lack thereof) when it comes to the Puck / Jake relationship, are you much more excited to see their story? We want to hear more of your thoughts below! To check out the first full performance from this season featuring Kate Hudson, be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: Fox

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